Welcome to NCS Development, Inc.

As principles, David Midura and Terry Dorgan count it a privilege to serve our clients and community with a combined experience of over 70 years managing and developing properties.

Our focus is upon people and how we can make all of us better..  Our goal is that your experience with us is such a delight that once you have worked with us you will not want to work with anyone else.  We are experts in construction management, project management, development and completing projects on time and on budget.

Think of us as the orchestra conductor for your project. We know the sheet music and keep each section in tune and on tempo so that we all end the music on the same beat.  Not only do we end on the same beat but we all enjoy the music along the way.

We at NCS Development are looking forward to meeting you.

David L. Midura
President & CEO

We Speak Blueprint!

Here at NCS Development, Inc., we speak Blueprint. Quite often it is difficult to translate the architects concept from the blueprint to the actual building. Well, we are fluent in Blueprint and also fluent in Architecteze and, most importantly, we know construction and construction people and can effectively and efficiently communicate to them the project priorities and details. All of this helps to bring your project in on budget and on time.

This is one of the many skills we have to fully serve you.

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David L. Midura

Hi my name is Dave Midura the President/CEO of NCS Development Inc. I started building in a trades class in Michigan when I was 16 years old. Since then I have built Custom Homes, Apartment communities and Commercial Sites.  My experience ranges from the purchase of the land through the entire process of use permits, variances and taking the project from build out through 100% tenant occupancy and managed the facilities to keep the highest quality property values.

For me, buildings are only part of the process. I see it as an opportunity to build others up to their highest fulfillment on life’s journey.

Geographic Area Served
Being headquartered in Central Valley we serve from the Greater Sacramento area on the north to Visalia /Carmel on the south and from Arnold on the east to the San Francisco Peninsula on the West.

I have three children, Naomi Midura, Doctor of psychology, Caleb Midura ICU Charge Nurse and my surprise baby girl, Sarah Midura, who is finishing premed and heading to medical school.

I look forward to the opportunity to serve you.

David L Midura

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Thank you for your interest in NCS Development, Inc.  We will contact you with an answer to your request as soon as possible and we look forward to serving you.